Kelsey E. Gonzalez

Kelsey E. Gonzalez

PhD Candidate

University of Arizona

About Me

I’m a PhD Candidate in the School of Sociology at the University of Arizona. My research focuses on computational methods, advanced statistical methods, and social networks analysis in connection to interests in social networks, health behavior, diffusion, and communication technologies.

I have a strong methodological background following my extensive quantitative and computational methods training at the University of Arizona. I have researched Latina/o Panethnicity, white fragility, and population health behaviors during Covid-19, leading to publications in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Sociological Perspectives, Journal on Migration and Human Security, and the Journal of Religion and Health.

My dissertation research focuses on how people search for information and rely on this information to inform their health behaviors and develop social norms, particularly during times of uncertainty.

Currently, I am a Senior Data Scientist Intern for the Chief Analytics office at IBM. In this role, I produced ML-driven insights to address questions for workforce management and designed an unsupervised recommendation algorithm to provide IBM employees with actionable recommendations for reskilling.

I am a Certified RStudio Trainer and a Carpentries instructor. Locally, I am involved with data science education at the University of Arizona and previously was a Senior Data Science Ambassador for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and a Steering Committee member for Research Bazaar Arizona.


  • Computational Social Science
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Social Epidemiology
  • Sociology of Race and Ethnicity


  • PhD in Sociology, Expected in 2022

    University of Arizona

  • Grad Certificate in Computational Social Science, 2020

    University of Arizona

  • MA in Sociology, 2019

    University of Arizona

  • MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, and Conflict, 2015

    Trinity College, Dublin

Recent Publications

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(2021). Conservatism and Infrequent Mask Usage: A Study of US Counties During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. Social Science Quarterly, 102:2368-2382.

PDF Dataset DOI

(2020). Social Status and White Fragility: Gender and Socioeconomic Variations. Research in the Sociology of Health Care, Vol 38.



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