Advanced Data Wrangling in R


This is the course site for the Advanced Data Wrangling in R workshop created by Kelsey Gonzalez for the Critical Path Institute in Tucson Arizona from May 26-28, 2021.

This nine-hour hands-on workshop is an exploration of the Tidyverse as a tool to wrangle your data in preparation for analysis.

Day 1 will cover basic dplyr funcitonality including select, filter, arrange, mutate, group_by and summarize and then moves into the concept of tidy data and pivots.

Day 2 will cover special variable types and advanced creation of new variables. Specifically, we will cover case_when, factors with forcats, dates with lubridate, and strings and regular expressions with stringr.

Day 3 will cover relational data and joins in addition to more advanced and cutting edge dplyr functions like across, colwise, rowwise. After diving into purrr for iteration, we will dive into case studies.


We will use Rstudio desktop for this workshop. You’re also welcome to utilize Rstudio cloud. - Install R and RStudio Desktop on your computer.

You can find step-by-step instructions for installing these here: macOS, Windows.

  • Install the following packages:
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